The castle in Zolotiy Potik, which once was the possession of the famous Princes Pototskiy, is now half-ruined, and the ruins are in quite bad condition.

zolotiy-potik-castleZolotiy Potik Castle was constructed in 1601. A hill on the banks of a small river was recognized as a favorable place for fortifications. The castle had a sguare planning, and its corners were fortified by four towers. The gate was protected by the fifth tower, the overgate tower. This tower has three stories: in the first floor there was the arch gate, the second and third floors were residential, but they were also suitable for defense. The north-western wall adjoined the palace, originally a one-storied building, but later reconstructed into a two-storied one. Stone fortifications were supplemented by earthen ramparts and a moat. The castle has repeatedly participated in combat operations and came off honorably from the 17th century, which was full of military conflicts. In 1840, a descendant of the Pototskiys, the magnate Olshewskiy started construction of a palace near the castle. For the new residence, all the decorative details (such as balustrades and trimmings) were taken away from the castle, which caused significant damage to the historic building. The construction of the palace was never completed because the project needed more funds than the customer anticipated, and Olshewskiy was forced to sell Zolotiy Potik Palace to the rabbi Israel Friedman.

The new owner was not interested in the legacy of Polish nobility, and the castle declined finally. In 1875, it was purchased by the Austrian Ambassador Volodymyr-Hippolytus Hnevosh, whose descendants owned it until 1939. The Hnevosh family treated the historical monuments with more respect than the previous owners did, and they arranged for some conservation works on their possessions, and that allowed the ruins of the castle to survive to this day.