Novohrad-Volynskiy (the Polish town of Zvyagel until 1793) is known since the times of Kyiv Rus. After the second partition of Poland, it became a part of the Russian Empire and received the status of the capital of Volyn province. By that time, the town belonged to Princes Liubomirskiy, and their residence was located in the suburb of Noviy Zvyagel on the right bank of the Sluch River. One member of the Liubomirskiy family, Mariana, married Count F. P. Uvarov, the military general and the participant of the Great Patriotic War of 1812. Since that time the estate belonged to the Uvarov family for many years.

The palace that has been preserved in the former estate was constructed in the 1900s. It is an expressive monument of the modern style architecture. It combines elements of Renaissance, Barogue and Classicism. The octagonal towers are crowned with battlements and narrow windows with semicircular apexes, which make the building look like a medieval castle.

The Uvarov sisters, Maria and Eugenia, used to live there. The latter was the wife of S.M. Mezentsev, and that is why the palace in Noviy Zvyagel is often referred to as the Mezentsevs House. The estate was accomplished by their son Borys, the chamberlain of the imperial court. He was the last owner of the estate. After the 1917 revolution, the estate housed a school, and since 1930, the palace has been occupied by a military detachment.