THE PALACE IN Maliyivtsi – Orlovsky Palace

The palace and park complex in Maliyivtsi belonged to Counts Orlovskiy, who were Polish landlords. Count Jan Orlovskiy constructed the palace in 1788 by the project of architect D. Merlini. The architecture of the palace shows a considerable influence of early French classicism, which is a clear reflection of active cultural connections between Poland and France in the second half of the 18th century.

The huge building is decorated by porticos with columns of Tuscan order, and on the south facade there is located an open gallery supported by columns with a balustrade. Inside rich fretworks of a ball room have been preserved, and wall paintings have also been restored, as well as the front staircase with delicate forged handrails.

The palace had a huge library (over 10,000 volumes) and a collection of paintings that included canvases by Semiradskiy, Brandt, and even Raphael. The Orlovskiy family took the most valuable things to Europe as they emigrated after the revolution of 1917.

The main present-day decoration of the palace is the park, which surrounds it; it has lakes, which are connected to each other. The park has been well preserved to this time, it is very cozy. A special natural pictur-esgueness of the place is due to the hilly terrain, cut by ravines where age-old trees grow. Of all park facilities, only a picturesque fountain with a lion’s head and a water tower, fashioned like a knight’s tower with merlons, have remained.