«The House with Chimeras» IN KYIV

Neither a palace, nor a fortress, but a bright architectural monument that lingers in the mind for a long time – this is what «The House with Chimeras» is. It stands on Lypskiy hill in the middle of Kyiv. Its appearance is very unusual even for Art Nouveau style, which the building is believed to represent. The architect Vladislav Horodetskiy, who designed the building, was an avid hunter, so he decided to decorate his house with the sculptures fashioned like animals and mythological characters. Here there are chimeras and Nereids (sea nymphs), frogs and antelopes, rhinoceros and elephants, crocodiles and lizards.

On the uneven topography of Lypsky hill, Horodetskiy constructed a house, which has three floors on its front side and six floors on its backside. To strengthen the foundation, he had 50 concrete piles driven 5 meters deep into the ground.

The architect lived in his new house, and leased other apartments, which he did not occupy. In 1913, he sold the house and left his homeland seven years after the 1917 revolution.

Today this original architecture, situated in front of the Presidential Administration, is another residence of the President of Ukraine. It is the place for official receptions, briefings, and delivering letters of credence. In addition, there is a tete-a-tete hall, where the President of Ukraine holds face-to-face meetings.