The Golden Gate is a reproduced fortification of the ancient Kyiv. Only small fragments of walls have remained from the old fortification, but in 1982, a protective pavilion was built over them; the architects believe that this pavilion helps to reproduce the original appearance of the gate. The structure is crowned by the gate church. In the hall of the pavilion, you can see not only the remains of the old gate, but also recovered by archaeologists near the Golden Gate.

In the 2000s, the Golden Gate museum was restored, and in 2007, the opening ceremony took place.

The Golden Gate was the main and front gate of the medieval Kyiv. It was constructed around 1037 by the Prince Yaroslav the Wise. The building material was plynfa, thin and wide plates made of baked clay. The Gate defended one of the three entrances to Kyiv and was fortified securely. Besides this gate, the city had two more gates (Lyadska and Lvivska), and the three were connected by strong defensive walls. Later, the church of Annunciation was built above the Golden Gate. It was consecrated in 1164, during the reign of Prince Andriy Bogoliubskiy.