In the 17lh century, Busha was a great border town and fortress as for those days, but today it is a small village. The fortifications stood on a high cape above Murafa and Bushka rivers; they were built by the order of Polish Hetman of Crown Zamoyskiy in the 16th century. In 1629, Busha received the status of a town and had the population of about 12,000 (now is has less than a thousand residents). The fortress consisted of six towers connected by strong walls and underground tunnels. These passages have been partially preserved, and one of the towers has been restored. It is a two-storied square building with a hipped roof.

In 2000, the State Historical and Cultural Reserve «Busha» was established in the village. The fortress ruins, remains of Slavic settlements of the 11th – 12th century, the town hall of the 16th century, an ancient cemetery, and other outdoor objects are exhibited under state protection there.