Ternopil Region is a leading region of Ukraine by the number of castles. Its administrative center is the city of Ternopil which has appeared thanks to a castle. In 1540, the Polish king Sigizmund I gave the uninhabited lands to the Hetman of Crown Jan Tarnowskiy on condition that the Hetman would construct a fortress there to protect the state borders. The will of the King was fulfilled: the Hetman built a castle, under the protection of which the city appeared and developed. The city was called Tarnopol after the name of the founder, and it was transformed imo Ternopil in 1944.

ternopil-castleThe king had a serious reason to care so much about local lands. The city was often attacked by Tatars, and it was captured and devastated together with the castle for many times. But the greatest misfortune came to Ternopil in 1672 when it was captured by the Turkish army led by Ibrahim Shishman Pasha. The city was reduced to rubble, and it came to life again only a century later, when Ternopil became a part of Austria and one of its administrative centers. The new government had restored Ternopil Castle, and when its defensive had been lost, it was converted into a palace. However, the social life of the castle was also short. In 1843, the castle premises were occupied by the army and turned into barracks. The castle had been damaged heavily during the two world wars, but in 1957 it was restored and arranged to house a sports palace.