The village of Denyshy is spread on the banks of the picturesgue Teteriv River. Remains of a late 19th century palace have been preserved there. Unfortunately, the building is half-destroyed, but parts of stucco decorations on the walls, as well as moldings and decorative cornices over the windows can still be seen. The palace is a two-storied building with a three-storied tower attached to it. Because of it the building looks like an old castle.

The palace was built by the project of the architect P. I. Hollandskiy. The customer was one of the Tereshchenko dynasty members, Fedir Artemiyovych Tereshchenko. He was the second son of the three that the founder of the «sugar empire» Artemiy Yakovych Tereshchenko had. Like his elder brother Mykola, Fedir was known as patron of arts, philanthropist, and art collector. Tereshchenko died before the construction of his palace in Denyshy was completed, so after his death his wife, Nadia Volodymirivna, became the owner of the palace.

After the 1917 revolution, the fate of the palace was unlucky. Its owners emigrated, and the estate was plundered. For the next hundred years, the palace was gradually dismantled for construction materials.