The picturesque ruins of Sydoriv Castle remind a huge stone ship when seen from afar, and that is why tourists refer to the stronghold as «the castle-ship».

Sydoriv Castle is the seat of Princes Kalynovskiy. It was built in the 1640s by Martin Kalynovskiy,who was the voivode of Chernihiv and the hetman of crown of the Commonwealth of Lithuania and Poland. The castle is built on a lonely hill, towering over the marshy plain. From the three sides the hill is washed by Suhodil River, which provided natural protection. From the fourth, the most vulnerable side, they dug a moat, over which a drawbridge could be lowered, and in front of the moat, they created a rampart.

sydoriv-castleThe castle was constructed with consideration of the hill shape, so it has a unique planning. Despite the length of almost 180 meters, its width is only 30 to 40 meters. The cross walls of the castle converged in a wedge, which gave more opportunities to shoot at the enemy. In the corners where the walls converged, guard tower stood. One such tower has survived in the northern, the best preserved part of the castle. It protrudes over the line of walls, which, in combination with lengthy longitudinal walls of the castle gave it a resemblance to a large ship.