In Stare Selo one can see the spectacular ruins of one of the largest Ukrainian fortresses of the 16lh century. Starosilskiy Castle occupies the area of more than two hectares.

The castle was constructed in 1584 – 1589 by the Italian architect Ambrose Pryhylniy (Benign) for Wladyslaw Dominik, Prince Zaslawskiy and Ostrozkiy. In 1642 – 1654, the castle decoration was restored in the style of late Renaissance.

The red castle walls tower over a broad river majestically. They have preserved their full height (15 meters) and almost all along their perimeter. Three of the six towers have survived as well. The eastern tower is topped by a stone crown and an emblem with a monogram of the castle founder, Wladyslaw Dominik Zaslawskiy.


The peculiarity of the castle is that towers and walls are nearly of the same height. At one level, the walls and towers are encircled by arcature (a row of false decorative arches), which gives the stronghold a monolithic appearance. The main tower is topped by a stone crown with the monogram of the castle founder.

In the courtyard of the castle, once there was a palace and barracks, and even a church. None of the internal buildings has survived to our time.