In the village of Chynadiyeve, which has once been the center of an administrative district – the Chynadiyeve dominia, there is a well-preserved castle of the 14lh century. Today it is the only successful example of concession in Ukraine, i.e. the lease of architectural monuments to private persons. An outstanding Transcarpathian artist Yosyp Bartosh rents the castle now. He restored the monument put in order a part of the premises, and he did literally give the new life to the castle by turning a forgotten memorial into one of the most interesting places in tbe Transcarpathian Region.

st-miklosh-castle-in-chynadiyeveSt Miklosh Castle in Chynadiyeve was constructed in the 14lh century by Baron Pereni, and later it was rebuilt from a defense structure into a residential building. Now the ground floor of the castle has been restored. It consists of six rooms and a hall with a vestibule. Its rooms contain thematic expositions featuring objects belonging to Scythian and Celtic culture, portraits of St Miklosh Castle owners and historical documents concerning the castle. The building often hosts art exhibitions, chamber music concerts and other cultural events.

One of the peculiarities of St Miklosh Castle is the secret tunnels, arranged in the thick of the walls. One interesting fact is that during the castle restoration works in the 19lh century they found a skeleton of some poor soul who had been immured alive into the wall in those grim medieval times.