Skole district is a resort area. Here, there are such famous resorts as Slavske skiing base and Truskavets balneotherapeutic health resort. In Skole outskirts, in a picturesgue place protected by the Carpathian Mountains covered with coniferous forests, there is a spectacular Neo-Barogue palace.

The palace was constructed in the middle of the 19th century by baron Kinskiy. At the end of the 19lh century, two brothers, Barons Gredl, bought the place and reconstructed it considerably, adding modern features into its design. The brothers were successful entrepreneurs who engaged in a wide variety of business activities in the Carpathians. They owned guarries, sawmills, and headrigs, and they were also engaged in the tourism business. The brothers constructed several narrow gauge railways, a hydroelectric power station, and workshops in the Carpathians.


The two-storied building of the palace was richly decorated in Neo-Barogue style. The facade decoration has been well-preserved up to now, but interiors of the palace have been destroyed. Today the building houses a boarding school, providing a place to live and study not only for orphans but also for children from remote mountain villages where there are no schools.