Skalat Castle is one of the most spectacular castles in Ternopil Region. Polish nobleman Kshyshtof Vyhrovskiy, who became famous for his valor and bravery in numerous battles, constructed it in 1630. Like many fortifications of that time, the castle was built on the riverbank and was surrounded by swamps, which protected its approaches. However, unlike the other castles, Skalat Castle is of almost correct rectangular shape, almost as a square. In the corners of the castle there rise towers under slim hipped roofs. However, the quadrangular shape of the castle is a result of a later reconstruction. At first, the castle was pentagonal: instead of present-day walls, there were two curtains that formed a corner facing the moat.

skalat-castleThe towers of Skalat Castle have been best preserved, and they are the most spectacular thing. Five-canted towers protrude over the walled perimeter, which gave more opportunities to shoot at the enemy. Archaeologists believe that in the eastern tower, there was a well, and in the western tower, there was an ammunition depot.

In the castle courtyard protected by strong walls there stood a palace and awing, which have not survived to our time.