The origin of the name Serednye (Middle) comes from the village location, which is exactly in the middle of the way from Uzhhorod to Mukachevo. Among the tourist communities, Serednye Castle is known as a unique monument of Ukraine.

serednye-castleThe history of the castle is still wrapped in a shroud of mystery. According to the established version, the castle was constructed in the 12th century by the knights of the Temple, which makes Serednye citadel a unigue monument, being the most western of all known Templar Castles. The Templar-related version can be confirmed by the architectural features of the castle. It is a donjon tower, which stands alone, it is eguipped for residential purposes, and it is also self-sufficient in terms of defense. These castles were typical for the European Romanesque style of the early Middle Ages. While unattractive in photographs, in reality the castle has striking dimensions. Its area is 18.6 by 16.5 meters and the current height reaches 12 meters. The castle had three floors, with an entrance to the tower located at the second floor. During the attack the steps leading to the entrance were drawn inside and the puzzled enemies had to stop downstairs, empty-handed. The ground floor could be reached only by winding stairs from the second floor. The floors were divided into rooms: two on the first floor, and three on the second floor. Very little has left from the third floor, so it is difficult to judge about its planning and designated purpose.