In the town of Nemyriv, there is a clinical health facility, one of departments of which is located in an old mansion. This palace, constructed in the late 19th – early 20th century in the Neo-Classical style, belonged td Princess Maria Hryhorivna Scherbatova, nee Stroganova. From her father, she inherited not only the estate in Nemyriv, but also the largest distillery in Podillia. The Princess, who had an inclination towards business, continued, and developed what her father had begun. Maria Scherbatova invested much in development and improvement of the town. The residents of Nemyriv respected her, so after the revolution of 1917 the head of Ukrainian Council of People’s Commissars instructed the Revolutionary Committee to leave the Scherbatov family alone, as well as their palace and park. However, in 1921 the Red Army came to Nemyriv; they executed the Princess, confiscated the palace and opened a holiday home there.

The plant in Nemyriv is still there. The palace has also been well-preserved. It is a two-storied rectangular building, decorated with a portico with four columns of the Ionic order. Some details of the interior have survived, e.g. moldings and reliefs on the walls, fireplaces and sculptures. The palace entrance is guarded by stone lions that settled comfortably on their pedestals.

Now the building houses an art gallery displaying pictures of contemporary Ukrainian artists.

The palace and health resort is smothering in the green of the ancient landscape park. Its area is 86 hectares. It is recognized as a monument of landscape architecture of the 19th century, featuring about 120 species of trees and shrubs. The park is decorated with a cascade of picturesque ponds.