Rakovets Castle is more attractive not for lovers of history and old architecture, but for those admiring beautiful views. Only one tower has remained of the whole castle, but it is located in a picturesgue place on hilly slopes of the Dnister canyon. It is the path of a popular tourist route, rich in scenic panoramas and natural sights.

rakovets-castle1Rakovets Castle stood on a steep hillside and protected the crossing over the Dnister. Its construction began in the 1640s, and in 1657, it withstood its first siege, while being still unfinished; anyway, the castle was to see many sieges in its history, especially in the course of the wars between Poland and Turkey. In the 18lh century, the castle lost its military importance and turned into residence, and in 1768 was damaged by fire. The destruction of the castle was finished by another fire in the 19»’century.

Today we can see the strongest tower of the castle preserved, which is 12 meters high. Except this one, there were two other towers, and all of them were connected by walls 2 meters thick. In the courtyard of the castle, there was a small (approximately 10 meters by 20 meters) palace and household buildings.