Pototskiy Palace is one of the architectural decorations and the center of cultural life of the city. The palace is a branch of Lviv Art Gallery, and it houses the exposition of the European art of the 14th – 18th centuries. In addition, the former Pototskiy Palace hosts exhibitions and performances, as well as the famous annual Book Fair «The Lviv Forum of Publishers».


The palace was constructed in 1880 of Neo-Renaissance style; it was designed by the French architect Louis de Verne with participation of the Polish architect Julian Tsybulskiy. At that time, in this place there was a small Pototskiy’s estate encircled by a large park. The Lviv palace was intended for festive entertainments, receptions, and important meetings. The total area of the palace is 3,100 sguare meters. In the first floor there were halls decorated with molding, gilding, colored marble, and finewood. In the top floors, there were rooms for receptions, several studies, living rooms, and dressing rooms.

From the street guests were welcomed by a spectacular gate with the wings that were gatehouses and the courtyard had parking places for carriages. Around the palace there was a beautiful park, but at the beginning of the 20thcentury the surrounding area was built up with apartment houses, so only the court in front of the palace and a small garden from the side of the park facade have been preserved.