One of the best Ukrainian examples of early Classicism architecture can be seen in Tulchyn. This huge palace complex consists of a central building and two lateral wings. The two-storied buildings positioned in the U-shaped way are connected by one-storied semicircular galleries. The main facade has been restored and decorated with ten columns of the Ionic order. The facades of lateral wings are accented with portico having triangular frontons.

The palace was constructed in 1782 by the project of the French architect Lacroix. It belonged to the richest Polish magnate, military and political leader Stanislaw Shchensniy Pototskiy. In 1774, he moved his residence from the territory of Austria to Poland and settled in Tulchyn. The theater, greenhouses, Turkish baths, an arena, and stables were all constructed in the territory of the estate. The landscape park with the pond, canals and islands, bridges and pavilions was laid around the palace. Now there is nothing left from the magnificent park but an abandoned pond.

Now the palace houses Tulchyn School of Culture. The complex has been undergoing restoration for more then 30 years, but unfortunately it is still far from being accomplished.