Pomoriany Castle is a «rusty nail» in the «Golden Horseshoe of Lviv Region». Its abandoned ruins are rarely visited by tourists, who admire castles in Olesko, Pidhirtsi, and Zolochiv. Meanwhile, Pomoriany was where the favorite residence of the Polish king Jan III Sobieskiy was located.

The first record mention about the castle in Pomoriany dates to 1497. At that time it was a small wooden Korab Castle, which stood on a low hill, washed by the Zolota Lipa and Makhnovka Rivers. The fortress had a strategic importance, and that is why at the beginning of the 16th century voivode Jan from Siena rebuilt it in stone. In 1675 and 1684, the castle was captured and damaged by the Turks, but in 1690 it was restored by the Polish king Jan III Sobieskiy, who established one of his residences here.


Sobieskiy’s Castle consisted of four buildings, forming a perimeter inside the yard. So far only two buildings have been preserved, both in poor condition. However, from the ruins that remained, we can understand that it had been not just a military base and a powerful military citadel, but a magnificent palace. The main building is turned into a courtyard by a gallery with the elegant colonnade. Doors and windows are framed with refined Renaissance architraves.

The only evidence of the military past of the castle is a stout round tower with frowning loopholes, which fortifies the corner between the buildings. Inside of the tower there are stairs leading to the second floor of the castle.