In the suburb of Nadvima, you can see the ruins of Pnivsky Castle, which was the most powerful fortress in the Ciscarpathian Area for some time. Pnivsky Castle was constructed in the 16th century and belonged to magnate family of Kuropatvy.

The castle on the spacious hill over the River Pidzamche was properly protected. The stout walls formed the pentagon cut on the flat top of the hill, in the center of which there stood a magnate’s palace, surrounded by household buildings.

pnivsky-castleThe corners of the castle were protected by five strong towers, and another tower was built to protect the gate. On the wall of this two-storied quadrangular tower, sguat and grim, studded with dark loopholes, you can still see the holes for chains, which raised and lowered the drawbridge over the castle moat. Inside the tower there was a lodge, and there you can see remains of the fireplace, which the castle guards used to warm themselves in cold weather.

In the middle of the 17lh century, the Kuropatvy family had died out gradually, and the new owners of their castle were first the Seniavskiy and later the Tsetner. Gradually, the castle lost its military importance and began to decline. From the late 18th century, it became the state property of Austria, and the building was often leased. The renters and local residents have gradually transformed the castle into ruins, having dismantled its internal buildings for building materials.