Piatnychany Tower is one of the most unusual fortifications of Ukraine, which have survived to nowadays. It is an ancient stone fortification of the medieval Galicia, which avoided any reconstruction in the times of artillery development and preserved the features of authentic Gothic style.

Today Piatnychany Tower houses a museum, which is a branch of Lviv Art Gallery. It is located on the second and third stories. It exhibits objects found by archaeologists and a sketch map outlining defensive fortifications of the Galicia and Volyn Principality.


The tower presents a type of donjon rarely seen in Ukraine, a tower-citadel which can survive a siege because of being completely self-sufficient. Its unigue attraction is the only operating drawbridge in the whole Ukraine, reproduced by restorers.

Piatnychany Tower served as the main defensive structure of a small guard station or a private castle, or probably a fortified estate. The yard was situated on a hill with slopes steep enough to be a kind of natural protection. In the most vulnerable flat area of the hill, they constructed a tower, with a wide moat in front of the tower, and the drawbridge crossing the moat.