Interesting castle ruins have been preserved in the village of Novomalyn. Constructed in the 14th century, the fortress was reconstructed according to requirements of the time, adding more and more new buildings and eventually turning into a unigue ensemble, a cocktail of architectural styles of different ages.

In the 14th century, Volyn became a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, like other Ukrainian lands. A small village of Gluhe (the old name of Novomalyn) located in a very picturesque place belonged to Grand Duke Svydrygaylo, who built a stone castle there. In 1430, the Prince presented the village as a gift to his faithful vassal Elo-Malynskiy, whose descendants held the castle up to the 20lh century. The origin of the estate name, Novomalyn, comes from the names of its owners.

The castle towered on a hill, which was surrounded from three sides by waters of a pond on the Svytenka River. The pentagon made by powerful walls was reinforced by five mighty towers, which were also pentagonal and formed sharp angles overlapping the wall line.

In the 17lh century, a magnificent Baroque palace adjoined one of the castle walls.

The two World Wars did not spare Novomalyn Castle. The fragments of ancient walls and towers, the skeleton of the palace and the famous chapel, but without its wonderful roof, are the only elements that have survived to our time.