Not far from Uzhhorod, in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, ruins of Nevytskiy Castle are towering over the international highway M 06. This is a popular place, despite of the fact that the castle was destroyed back in the 17lhcentury. The tourists are attracted by an unusual appearance of the castle, grand and romantic, which is not typical for the castles of in the level part of the country, which stretches to the other side of the Carpathian Mountains.

nevytskiy-castleThe castle was constructed on the crater of an extinct volcano at the height of 125 meters. An unusual and rounded shape of the castle, caused by the mountainous terrain, and the fact that the castle walls form two lines of defense. In addition, the castle is protected by two rows of moats and ramparts.

The courtyard was surrounded by residential buildings, of which only fragments have remained. In the stout walls, you can still see stone architraves of windows and portals of doors, and in some premises there are remains of fireplaces. Between the residential buildings, there rises a donjon tower, which is the main citadel of the fortress. The tower with a high wooden roof rises over the ruins of the castle and it can be seen from the highway that runs near the foot of Zamkova (Castle) Hill.

In the middle of the courtyard, you can see the remains of the castle well. It was impossible to get to the groundwater from the high top of the volcano, so they had to collect rainwater in that well.

Internal buildings are surrounded by the outer ring of walls, with by rows of loopholes cut through. The walls are protected by four towers: three of half-oval shape and one triangular-shaped tower.

nevytskiy-castle-1A special attention was paid to protection of the castle gate. It was situated in a hard-to-reach place over the bluffy slope of the hill. The gate was defended by the strong hexagonal tower that protruded from the wall line and enabled defenders to fire at the enemy from two sides at once: from the tower and from the fortress walls. The tower is connected to the castle by a narrow corridor of two parallel walls, called zahab. The enemy, who managed to break through the gate, would be trapped under the heavy fire of the castle defenders.

Nevytskiy Castle was constructed in the 13th century, originally made of wood. In 1328, the Drugets became its masters, while they were also masters of Uzhhorod. It was they who rebuilt the castle in stone.

Tourists began to visit the picturesque ruins of Nevytskiy Castle in the 19lh century. The conservation of ruins was performed for several times, and due to that, the good condition of the castle is maintained.