The Letychiv monumental complex is compactly located in the center of the village. First of all, it is known for being the burial place of the legendary «Ukrainian Robin Hood», Ustym Karmeliuk. Therefore, the village received a large monument to this leader of the peasant uprising in 1974; the monument is 10 meters high. Behind the statue of the enchained rebel, his prison – Letychiv Castle – stands modestly.

The history of the castle began in 1362 when a large Ukrainian territory became a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In Letychiv, which was quite a large town by that time, they constructed a wooden castle, which was a strategically important military stronghold of Podillia. In 1579, by the order of the King, the headman of Kamyanets Jan Pototskiy rebuilt the castle in stone. It was a quadrangle of defensive walls with round towers in the corners. In 1606, Jan Pototskiy erected a Dominican monastery in the castle courtyard, which soon became an important religious center of Podillia. The main church of the monastery was the church of the Assumption of the Virgin, a wonderful monument of the Renaissance style architecture. To sanctify it, they had specially brought the icon, which was later called the Blessed Virgin of Letychiv, from Vatican. The things that have been left from Letychiv Castle are fragments of walls around the whole perimeter, and a spectacular Round tower with decorative merlons. The monastery buildings have also survived.