Kudryntsi Castle was less fortunate in the degree of preservation and popularity, than many other Ukrainian architectural monuments. However, the tourists who still dare to visit its ruins will not be disappointed.

Kudryntsi Castle is situated in a very picturesgue place and is an impressive sight. Kudryntsi Castle was built in 1615 by voivode Mykola Herburt. The place for an impregnable stronghold was chosen very skillfully. The castle stands on a high hill and is protected from the three sides by its steep slopes. At the foot, the hill is washed by Zbruch River. The north side, which was the only side giving access to the castle, was protected by a moat and a rampart. It was where the main defensive position was located.

KUDRYNTSIThe castle is of irregular quadrangle shape, and this shape is caused by the terrain. In the three corners there were three-tiered towers, which were most suited to repel a frontal attack. The best preserved one is the massive western tower. It has the hexagonal shape. Over the third tier there was a hipped roof.

Kudryntsi Castle can account of many battles, both successful and unsuccessful. In 1648, during the national liberation war, the castle was captured by the army of Maksym Kryvonis. At the end of the 17th century, the castle was captured by Turkish troops for several times. The castle had been under their rule up to 1683, when the Polish troops drove the enemy from Podillia. Then the castle lost its defensive value and began to decline gradually. In the 20th century, the fortress was partially dismantled for construction materials.