Kremenets is a small old town that situated comfdrtably on the picturesque slopes of the ravine, surrounded by Kremenets Mountains. Here, under the majestic Bona Mountain with ruins of an ancient castle, there prevails the atmosphere of another era. Bona Mountain is 397 meters high. It is named after the Polish gueen Bona Sforza, the famous beauty and intrigante. In 1536, she received the city as a gift from her husband, king Sigizmund I, and owned it until 1556. By the order of the Queen the castle was rebuilt and fortifies, but the exact date of its construction is unknown. The main problem of the castle garrison has always been the lack of drinking water: numerous attempts to dig a well deep enough to produce water were in vain. That is why in 1648 the Cossack army under Maksym Kryvonis managed to capture the castle: after two months of siege, the garrison surrendered.

kremenets-castleThe stronghold occupied the entire flat top of the mountain. It can be seen by remains of the walls that have preserved all around it. The watchtower, overhanging menacingly over the bluff has been partially preserved. Under the tower there are mysterious cellars of the castle. However, certainly the most spectacular piece is the half-ruined gate tower with a Gothic arch rebuilt by restorers.

The main sight of Kremenets Castle is the wonderful view of the mountain from the city, and the view of the city from the mountain. The views preserved on the Polish postcards and landscapes of the late 19th century have not changed over time.