The estate in the village of Kachanivka is the largest manor complex of all preserved in Ukraine. Its territory is about 560 hectares. The architectural ensemble consists of a luxurious palace, wings, household buildings, a gate, and St George’s Church and park facilities. The value of Kachanivka as a historical and cultural reserve also has to do with the fact that it was attended by outstanding personalities of the 19th -early 20th centuries, whose merits and talents are estimated more and more by every next generation.

The first thing that welcomes visitors to Kachanivka is a large park, founded on the basis of a natural forest. The gardeners’ task was only to improve the creation of nature by paving the alleys for comfortable walks and form picturesque corners out of shrubs. Many such corners have been arranged, and in the past, they were additionally decorated by sculptures, flower gardens, and park buildings. Some of them have survived to the present day, among them there are «romantic ruins», which imitate remains of an ancient fortress.

In the center of the park, there is Kachanivka palace, which is a magnificent architectural monument in the Classical style. The palace was constructed in the 1770s and has been perfectly preserved to nowadays.

The broad facade of the palace, decorated with solemn colonnade, is adjoined by a spectacular water tower fashioned in a knightly romantic style. At either side of the palace, the wings are located symmetrically; in one of them there is a kitchen, and the other is the place for guests to stay. A wide front courtyard of the palace has a wrought fence and a gate protected by white stone figures of lions.

Since 1824 Kachanivka estate belonged to the Tarnowskiy family, who were devoted art connoisseurs. Year after year, the estate welcomed representatives of creative elite, among whom there were recognized masters and young promising talents. Mykola Gogol, Semen Gulak-Artemovskiy, Taras Shevchenko (who was a close friend of the family), Vasyl Shernberg, Mykola Kotlyarevskiy, Panteleimon Kulish, Marko Vovchok, Kostiantyn Makovskiy, Mykhailo Vrubel, and many others attended the place. The Tarnowskiy gathered a large art gallery and a unigue collection of Ukrainian antiguities in their palace, which were later given to Chernihiv Historical Museum. The Cossack attributes attracted Ilya Yukhymovych Riepin, who reproduced them in his famous canvas «Cossacks Writing The Letter to Turkey». Kachanivka peasants worked as models of Cossacks, and one of the «Cossacks» in the painting was the owner of the palace himself.

At the edge of the estate, St George’s church is located, built in the Empire style in 1816- 1828.