In the east of Rivne Region, along the banks of the Sluch River stretch the picturesgue hilly areas, which tourists call «Switzerland over the Sluch», while their official name is Nadsluchanky Natural Park. The river has a rich variety of landscapes: there are steep rocky banks, with islands and rapids, which peek out of the water and pastoral valleys with hilly flood plains. The most beautiful place of Nadsluchansky Park is fairly considered to be the Sokolyny Mountains with spectacular ruins of Gubkiv Castle.


The ruins hang over a high hill, the foot of which is washed by the Sluch River. It is an amazingly spectacular sight, but it is difficult to imagine the appearance of the castle in its heyday.

Gubkiv Castle was constructed in the 15th century. It was made up by the quadrangle walls, fortified towers at the corners, and it had gates with a flying bridge and underground casemates. It is known that in 1596, during Severin Nalivayko’s Cossack rebellion, the castle was captured by the Cossacks under Hryhoriy Loboda. But the most unfortunate period for the castle was the Northern War: first, it was captured by the Russian army in 1704, then in 1708 the Swedish army destroyed it completely.

Only several fragments of walls and ruins of the towers with gaping window embrasures have survived to nowadays. Perhaps the castle cannot be reconstructed now, but anyway, it is still the decoration of the «Switzerland over the Sluch» landscape.