An impressive and comfortable palace in the village of Vyshnia is remarkable by the fact that its history is connected with the life of the famous Polish poet and comedywright Oleksandr Fredro (1793 – 1876), the grandfather of the famous Ukrainian metropolitan Andrei Sheptytskiy.

The estate in Vyshnia belonged to Oleksandr’s parents – Yatsek and Mariana Fredro. The married couple had nine children but only Oleksandr was lucky to live to adulthood. In 1806, the palace in Vyshnia caught fire and the poet’s mother died in the flames. After his father’s death in 1828, Oleksandr had inherited the estate and rebuilt the palace in the style of French Neo-Renaissance by 1835. The construction date and the owner’s name with the family emblem are engraved on the facade of the building. The palace is surrounded by a picturesgue park with shady chestnut and linden alleys. In the deep of the park, there is a small lake.


Details of the palace interior have survived to nowadays: these include a dining room, a reception room, and a library.