Chortkiv CASTLE

chortkiv-castle1Chortkiv is an interesting and ancient town with a rich history and a number of architectural monuments, including the well-preserved castle. Written sources have mentioned Chortkiv since the 15lh century. Probably there were wooden and earthen fortifications on the site of the current stone castle, which were based on remains of an Old Russian foundation. The history of the present-day Chortkiv Castle began in 1610. At that time the construction of a stone castle for Princes Holskiy, who owned Chortkiv, was completed. The castle had a regular planning with five walls and five corners. The four corners were fortified by the towers, and the fifth was protruding in the most dangerous direction. The castle was not situated too favorably as there was a mountain nearby, from the peak of which the enemy could watch the actions of the castle defenders.

chortkiv-castleThe 17lh century was the century of both military glory and military hardships for Chortkiv Castle. During the national liberation war of Ukrainian people, Cossacks besieged and captured the castle for several times. Local residents, who sympathized with the Cossacks, also helped them. In 1648, Chortkiv Castle even became a military base of the Cossacks for a while. In two decades, in 1672, the Ottoman Empire began the war against the Commonwealth of Lithuania and Poland, and Turks seized Chortkiv Castle, holding it until 1683. In the 18th century, the castle lost its defensive importance.